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What’s in the quotes?

Quotes are simple and easy to catch, but they don’t just give us a straight-out answer; they encourage us to go deeper instead. A memorable quote stays in your memory, gets you thinking… and hopefully comes to mind when you need that encouragement or direction the most.

Chinspirations Devotionals

The Chinspirations Series is more than just a journal. They can also be used as a devotional tool! Check out Rev. Kenneth Chin’s latest devotional video on one of the Chinspirations quotes.


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Chinspirations Vol.1: Don’t let your feelings get in the way of God’s future for you & for others

Chinspirations Vol.1: You can Pay to grow or Pray to grow. The latter is better

Chinspiration Vol.1: The best kind of messages are not those I prepare, but those that prepare me

Chinspiration Vol.1: Expect a raise when you raise your expectations